Oral Health in the Orthodontic Patient: Operational Protocols for Prevention

by Nardi Gianna Maria

Managing the oral health of the orthodontic patient has always represented a major challenge for the practitioner, confronting him/her with a variety of issues, often on a multifactorial base and with a required minimally invasive clinal approach and therapeutic strategy. Knowledge of the different types of orthodontic appliances available, such as fixed, removable and clear one, is an important piece in enabling the preventive practitioner to implement customised oral health maintenance plans. Such maintenance plans must make use of the most modern and effective technologies available to support daily clinical practice. Moreover, any personalised and effective maintenance plan must be based on validated both scientific and clinical evidence. Elements of attention in oral hygiene management in the orthodontic patient are mechanical and chemical control of biofilm, soft and hard tissue health, prevention and management of oral trauma, appropriate maintenance of orthodontic appliances.

Learning Objectives

After this lecture, you will be able to obtain the knowledge of the personalised approach to prevention.
After this lecture, you will be able to know the elements of attention for pre-post treatment enamel health will be emphasised.
After this lecture, you will be able to implement innovative operative protocols for the dento-parodontal health of the patient undergoing orthodontic therapy.